Preparing Your Commercial Property for the Rainy Season? Follow These Tips

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March 28, 2016
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Preparing Your Commercial Property for the Rainy Season? Follow These Tips

RCI Painting – Rainbow Colors, Inc.

A major part of having a successful commercial property is the maintenance of it. Any business owner can tell you that the daily upkeep of a commercial property is one of the most important ingredients to its success. At RCI Painting, we take great pride in being the painting contractors who absolutely understand this concept. With years of experience under our belt, we know that maintaining a commercial property takes he’s work and dedication.

As May marks the beginning of rainy season in South Florida, business owners everywhere are gearing up for lots of rain and all of the things that come along with it. Today, we will go over some of the steps that should be taken when preparing a commercial property for the rainy season.

Do Some Painting

As a company that specializes in painting, naturally it makes sense for us to start the list by emphasizing the importance of a good paint job. Having cracks in your paint can give water a clear pathway into the wooded areas or your building. When this happens, it can promote dry rot and termite invasion. Not only can this prove to be unsightly, but it can also be an extremely expensive issue to correct. If you are worried about the gaps in your paint on your commercial building, RCI Painting has the dedicated painting contractors who will quickly correct this issue for you.

Inspect Your Roof

Let’s face it; having a leak in your roof or loose shingles can prove to be problematic during the rainy season to say the least. By doing a thorough inspection prior to rainy season, you can pinpoint and correct any problem areas that you may have. But don’t just take a mental note of those issues. Instead, use your beloved smart move and take some pictures and/or video of your roof before the rain comes marching into town. This will prove to be beneficial in the event that you have to file an insurance claim in the future. No matter where you live or what kind of business you own, replacing a roof is expensive. Do the right thing and protect your investment.

Gutter Cleaning

Many people don’t understand the importance of keeping their gutters clean. Not only can cleaning your gutters prevent leaks, but it also stops debris from getting backed up and clogged. During the rainy season, the down pour and wind will undoubtedly lead to some left over debris. Instead of turning a blind eye to this problem area, make the right decision and keep it clean once and for all. While this may not be the most fun job to do, getting it done will improve both the appearance and health of your commercial property.

Hold On to the Power

Heavy rainfall has always been synonymous with lightning and thunder. When all three of these things blend in perfect unison, it often results in some loss of power. As hurricane season approaches, don’t leave your business in the dark. Take some time and look into purchasing a back up generator off your commercial building. Having this additional power source will give you the peace of mind that you need and the flexibility to get things done no matter how many power outages occur during the day.

Prepare for the Worst

While it is impossible to know for sure what the hurricane season will bring, we can control how prepared we are. As a business owner, being prepared for all possibilities should come second nature. Don’t think the upcoming season for granted and slack off.

Take some time to get a hurricane preparedness guide and some extra supplies such as sand bags and flash lights if needed. I the event of an emergency, you will want to be able to effectively do everything in your power to save your property from total destruction. Remember that you’ve worked very hard to get where you are. Stay proactive and informed so that you can make it through the rainy season as smoothly as possible.